About Us

We are a small organization assisting to serve the tri-state area. We first became involved while coming upon an organization in Texas with similar beliefs. We wanted to setup something similar close to home and from that, here we are. Faith and belief is an amazing thing.

We are close to the issues of Presbyterian parents that have a child in the LGBT community. From an early age, our youngest struggled with their sexuality. This caused lots of questions and new feelings for both us and our child. Leaning on our Faith and others allowed us to work through everything and provide us with an even stronger, closer family.

We are here to assist others in similar situations. Helping them lean into their Faith for guidance. Our basic services we offer including working with and providing information to other Presbyterian parents so they can provide an environment of faith that is safe and nurturing for their children. We do this through on-site support, offering referrals to other Faith and Professional based support within our area. We also try to keep things light and do a variety of social mixers to allow parents and children interact with others with similar beliefs. Lastly we put on fun silent auctions one to two times a year to help raise money for our local church and families in need.

If you are in need or wish to assist us do not hesitate to contact us.

email: savannah@presbyterianparents.org