Hogwarts Mystery APK

Hogwarts Mystery Apk is an Android video game, released on April 2018 by Jam City. Everyone who knows even little about Harry Potter want to know every thing about the Hogwarts mystery apk. Download free Hogwarts mystery apk 2018 latest version for android and IOS to get know more about it. Hogwarts mystery android game is the best thing that could ever be a dream of Harry Potter lover.

Hogwarts mystery apk Introduction

This game starts with an invitation latter from school to user written his name on the letter cover. User can customize his features in the game. Game consist of 13 major chapter containing many Sub-Chapters.

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Chapter wise details introduction of Hogwarts mystery apk are given:

Chapter 1 is a detailed Introduction of the game. This is where the journey begins with the instructions given by Rowaan and ending with user’s friendship with Rowaan.
Chapter 2 is all about the years (time span) he will spent in Hogwarts. Famous “Sorting Hat” will ask the user which house he wants to joins and place him in the desired house. Rowaan will be placed in the same house and will be the room mate of user.
Chapter 3 is consist of Troubles and Mysteries. These troubles will created by either the house mate and user will get a chance to create a friendship bond with Ben. Every chapter (till chapter 3) will have almost 5 years span and will have quests about those years in chapter 3.
In chapter 4, all the achievements made by user will give him a big reward usually in the shape of gems or as following: i- Become a part planner, ii- A Rockstar, iii- An Animagus, iv- become perfect.
Chapter 5 deals with classes in Hogwarts. User will able to join classes and learn magical skills, flying and much more.
After reaching at Chapter 6, user will now be able to customize his character. User can also customize other students, staff or other ones. Gems could be required for customization of characters.
Chapter 7 and 8 have some defined areas which includes, east and west tower (twice in a year). In west tower Dumbledore’s Office is open but user will get an invitation letter to get enter there.
From chapter to onwards, everything is about the game itself. Mistakes, behind the scenes, Features, Media gallery, External Links and References are given.
Download and installation guide Hogwarts mystery apk new version
Hogwarts mystery apk is simple to download and easy to install. You can free download Hogwarts mystery .apk file google Play store. All updates are incorporated in new APK file. To download Hogwarts mystery mod apk version consider this blog. In Hogwarts mystery free mod apk all game resources are free and all mysteries are visible. Free in-app purchase can also be availed with Hogwarts mystery mod apk. Mod apk are actually modified android package file installed on your mobile. These are actually the pirated version of original Harry porter apk or Hogwarts mystery apk.
Installation guide for Hogwarts mystery apk
Complete step by stem installation guide for Hogwarts mystery apk. Go though it before you download Hogwarts mystery.apk file.
Get the latest Hogwarts mystery mod apk file here in this blog. If you find some similar named application file from play store or anywhere else then please stay away from it. To play games Hogwarts mystery apk you first need to install Hogwarts apk. This is available on the internet which is global information sharing network but beware of the fake website that tends to get traffic only.
To install Hogwarts mystery apk on android phone follow the steps:
• Download the Hogwarts mystery.apk from the link given below. Please note that the downloading is free and you need not to pay any kind of money for Hogwarts mystery apk and also while playing the game story line.
• Go to your device setting and allow to install from unknown resources this will allow you to install application other than Play Store
• Now just tap on the Hogwarts mystery.apk file by accessing it from your folders
• Now wait for few seconds and after auto installation Hogwarts icon will be visible in your apps
So in that way following these simplest steps you will successfully install the Hogwarts mystery apk. But for all of this you should have the source file. Download free Hogwarts mystery apk new version to run on android and IOS devices. This will be the worthy download apk of android adventure game.